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Why use a Graphic Designer?

We are exposed to hundreds of brand designs and company logos daily. This is what defines one brand or company from another. Having a unique, strong mark can mean all the difference when being noticed in the business or retail world.

Not so long ago, a successful graphic designer had to do what was called "typesetting". A very long and difficult process to create print. In today's computer age, with the programs that are available, almost anyone can create useable graphics. This presents a problem for the unsuspecting business owner who is looking for a professional and knowledgeable graphic designer. Ask questions before you buy.

Preparing files for prepress printing can be a tricky, daunting task if you don't know what your doing. If you are ordering high volume (gang) printing, the printer will expect a CMYK color file. On the other hand, web design requires RGB color files. Converting an RGB file to a CMYK file will more than likely change your colors all together and everything will need adjustment. Size and types of files will effect your completed product as well. Vector graphics can be blown up to the size of a barn without compromising the quality of the artwork whereas Raster (pixel) graphics will deteriorate as you make the original file bigger in size. Vector, Raster, CMYK, RGB and Grayscale files included with every logo purchase from FatCatLogos.

There are tons of things to consider when attempting to design a successful marketing tool for a client. Everything matters. From color, style, size and uses, all the way to the clients customer's psychological state of mind. Consistency in design is important as well. If the client has an existing "look", everything that is created in the future for that business should look and feel the same.

we will create a custom logo or other graphic materials unique to your company that you will value. Our promise is to give you complete satisfaction through communication and quality products.



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